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the feeling

Ever get that niggling feeling that something isn't quite right?

the struggle

Are you struggling with tiredness, fatigue or something else?

the solution

Test today and find out what your body's trying to tell you.

find out what your body is trying to tell you

What is Vitality Testing?

It's a high tech lifestyle testing system which you can do from the comfort of your own home. The home kits are designed to give you peace of mind and show which things are causing you pain. You will receive a comprehensive lifestyle report to help you on your way to optimal Vitality.

How Will It Help Me?

In today's fast paced world, living busy lives means we often forget to slow down and catch up. You may have that niggling feeling that something isn't quite right, or feel a bit under the weather and can't pin-point it. Vitality testing will show you exactly whats going on inside.

How Does It Work?​

The tests look at many factors that could be impacting you, from food to non-food items, metabolism to your gut health; with each item coming back with it's own result. This combined with our knowledge, we are able to provide you with personal recommendations to improve your Vitality.

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Vitality Testing

suffering from hormonal imbalances, allergies or intolerances?

in depth lab testing for your peace of mind

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P.V, Leeds

I have been very impressed with the health screening I received from Rav and Rama. The tests were carried out with much care and sensitivity, and the results highlighted the causal aspects of my long term symptoms. The feedback was clearly explained, and very reassuring to me. I now feel much informed to take the appropriate remedies and nutrition for the betterment of my overall health. I highly recommend this health screening. A big thank you to Rav and Rama!


Cathi Hargaden

Both Rav and Rama were great in delivering an easy process to discover some very interesting ways my body was working; Rav gave me a list of recommendations and he has inspired me to get my inner house in order by taking the right minerals, nutrition for my body mind and spirit. Thanks Rama and Rav.​


Mick Gilbert

Have just had second health screening with Rav and Rama. So impressed last time. Following recommendations time to get my annual check up. Great service, professional, comprehensive, and they tell you what all the results actually mean and what needs working on to maintain good health. Have no hesitation in recommending.​


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